Email Configuration

The following information may be used to configure computers or other devices for sending and receiving email messages using email accounts on the Logonix Corporation email servers.

You may also download and print a PDF document for your convenience.

Thunderbird Users:  From early October 2020 to present the latest Thunderbird email software has disabled all but the newest TLS encryption protocols. If you cannot download email after a Thunderbird update, follow this link for instructions to re-enable the previous protocols: Re-Adjust Thunderbird TLS Minimum Version


There are two options for retrieving incoming Internet email: POP and IMAP. Choose POP if you only use email on a single device (such as a computer). Choose IMAP if you need to use one email account on several devices (such as a computer, a smart-phone, and a tablet). In addition, each protocol has a newer connection method and an older connection method--choose the newer method unless your mail program does not support it, then try the older option.

Configuration Parameter Newer Client POP Value
Older Client POP Value Newer Client IMAP Value
Older Client IMAP Value
Server Name
Encryption Required Yes Yes Yes Yes
Port 110 995 143 993
Logon Name Use your full email address
Password Use your email password


Try configuring the standard SMTP method first, only use the alternative method if the standard method absolutely does not work.

Configuration Parameter Standard Method Alternative Method
Server Name
Protocol SMTP
Encryption Required Yes Yes
Encryption Type TLS SSL
Port 587 465
Authentication Required Yes
Logon Name Use your full email address
Password Use your email password

Additional Notes

Please contact Logonix Corporation for additional support regarding email-related.

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